Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ahoy, it's Dark Outside!

Boo.  Thank you Daylight Savings Time,  I now feel like I need to stay home every night and bake millions of cookies.  It's time for hibernation and hot chocolate. I'm not quite ready for this yet,  so I wanted to reminisce about the days of sunshine and sailboats.

I love nautical looks.  I'll say that again.  I love nautical!  I wanted to do a slightly different color scheme than your typical red white and blue. Navy and lime green,  ok!

You have to have an anchor and stripes.  Anything else I think is free game.  I wanted to do some polka dots but meh,  I'm OK without them.

Here's a close up of the anchor

Alas,  as I write this my damn cat is curled up on me,  I have on my warm pj's, and my fingers are frozen. How much longer until spring?


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