Monday, May 12, 2014

Pink Roses and Gradient

I fail again,  I know. I am getting ready to take a vacation here starting tomorrow.  I fly out to Georgia to visit my sister on Thursday,  and I'm so incredibly excited.  I haven't had a real vacation in forever,  so this is pretty huge for me.

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend?  We had a group trail ride, called Cinco de Biko... it basically was a bar crawl on bicycles.  It was awesome.

Anyways,  I have an appointment on Tuesday to get gel nails because I don't want to worry about polish and stuff on vaykay. The gal that I've made the appointment with also does nail art, which I of course have to have. Well,  I have to have something super cool for her to see, right?

I recently put on my wish list neon polishes because I strangely didn't have many. So, I've been dying to use them.

I started with a base of My Vampire is Buff from OPI, and then sponged on a gradient of two tones of hot pink. I purchased a holo topcoat, I'm Drinking Stars by Literary Lacquer,  not too long ago, so I put that on to give the gradient a little sparkle.

My roses are completely free handed on, using the two pinks in the gradient.

I love how sweet this looks while still looking totally rad with the neon fade. Plus that holo just pops in the sunlight.

Hope you like this, and I hope my nail tech is impressed, ha.

And I know I post here sporadically,  but I will for sure be MIA until I get back. I will probably do a quick post of what the nail tech did for me (I'm thinking about mosaic) but we'll see...

Thanks for reading,  and miss me while I'm gone!! =)

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