Monday, June 9, 2014

Picture Polish Imperial and an Update

Hey guys! So, I have a killer mani to show today, but I also want to make an announcement regarding the blog.

I was seeing a large hit count when I was doing the tri daily challenges through Instagram,  but I just don't have the time anymore to do them that often and also to plan in advance.  I started just randomly trying to post at least twice a week, but I realized I in post more in Instagram.  It's just easier for my busy lifestyle.  So, having said that,  I tried something new this week by posting on Instagram and then sharing that pic on my FB page. I want to do it all, I really do. But this year is proving to be pretty difficult.  So, please make sure to check out my Instagram,  at gawkishpolish,  and then I'm also going to post on Twitter, since all of those are so similar in posting style.  Twitter will be gawkish_polish. I did have a twitter account a while ago,  and it kept getting hacked so I forgot my password.  Whoops.

So, anyways,  here is a beauty that I've never worn. I'm such a loser for never wearing this. It was on my polish wishlist,  and a lovely woman got it for me in a swap a couple of months ago.  Its a true purple with copper glitter and a blue / purple shimmer. It's so pretty and just sparkles. I of course need a swag nail or I will get all twitchy,  so this is a base of OPI Samoan Sand and then I added some purple and copper colored glitters to compliment the sparkles in Imperial.

Picture Polish is what you call an indie, as in an independent polish maker that isn't super mainstream (like OPI, Essie,  etc). PP is based out of Australia,  so the polish temds to be on the pricey side. I'm a fan. I love Imperial,  the color was so unique and I guess if I needed to pick one negative,  is that it dried semi matte. I slop my HK Girl Topcoat on everything if I don't want it matte, so that didn't bother me.

So, anyways,  please make sure to check in on the other social media sites that are for this account.  I'm not going anywhere,  just easierwhere.  =)

Happy Monday girls... have a great day

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