Monday, June 30, 2014

Sassy Polish and Scrubs Swatches and Review

Hey there!  I have some polishes today that I received to swatch and review.  These aren't a specific collection , I just randomly selected different colors and finishes.

Sassy Polish and Scrubs are a 3- free formula and all dried very quickly.  I love a good quick drying polish!! However,  even though these dried to my liking,  I had several issues with the formulas.  I'll make mention of those with each one. All are three coats with a topcoat of HK Girl.

First up is Penny Lane.  On the website,  this was explained as a gorgeous copper with sparkle and linear holographic glow. Unfortunately I didn't have any holographic sparkle in my bottle.  For me,  the polish just contained a subtle blue shimmer.  The color also wasn't a good choice for my skin tone. There were also these weird chunks in the polish,  which you can see on the nail.

Next is Grape Day for Fun,  a purple polish with pink and blue shimmer.  This formula was thin and riddled with pigment streaks.  It had a nice little shimmer to it,  but the pigment issues were a major problem for me.

Mermaid's Tan is a turquoise shade with scattered holo. Again,  it dried quickly and it did have a great subtle holo sparkle.  The glitter was slightly rough,  so it definitely needed a topcoat. I also wore a glitter peel off base because I don't like to scrub with remover.  Sorry about the one finger that I goobered on my way outside to take the pics.

Ruby Red Roses was supposed to be a rich red with a holo sparkle.  The color I received was a rusty red tone.  It didn't look great with my skin color.  The formula was streaky and did bald in a few spots.

Honeysuckle Hideaway is a yellow jelly with holographic shine.  Sorry,  I really didn't care for this one at all.  It was very thin.  If you looked at my nails in a low light,  it looked like I had nakie nails.  Too much VNL for me.  The holo was the only bonus,  it was plentiful in the sunlight.

Finally,  Let's Take a Dip is a bright blue that has some subtle blue and magenta shimmers.  This one was my favorite,  it reminded me of Different Dimensions Tulips are Better Than One,  as it has somewhat of the same duo chrominess of that one.  The formula...  I feel kind of like a broken record,  but it was thin and also had pigment globs.

Overall,  I'm sadly disappointed in these.  The ones that were OK still had too many issues.  I did enjoy how quickly they dried.

Sassy Polish and Scrubs can be purchased on Etsy here.


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  1. Love these. Mermaid's Tan is my favorite! Great post :)