Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Babies are the Bestest

Today is my my birthday!!! I am one of those people that love attention,  and one of my favorite sayings is that people should be like me, and think ABOUT me more often.  Lol. I also typically take the entire week of my birthday off, but I didn't this year. In past years I did all of my holiday baking that week, but you know what?  That's just too far away from Christmas and things went stale by then. So I'm celebrating all week instead.

I have always disliked having a December birthday.  My family members gave me the shaft and did the whole "I just combined your birthday and Christmas gifts together" thing. Yeah, no you didn't,  and gee whiz, a sweater?  Thanks. (Said from my 8 year old self) So it's sort of my mission to make December birthdays awesome.  Fail. It also tends to be severe weather on my birthday. When I turned 21? Two feet of snow. The follow up date a week later? More snow. One more week? Ice. Screw you, I didn't want to go out anyways!  Same for my 30th. Ice. It was supposed to snow last night a few inches, but it looks like we got missed.. I'm shocked because I swear there is a curse, which is December 11th.

Well regardless,  I needed to change my polish and whip up a birthday / holiday look. I've got consecutive holiday parties starting Thursday and going through Saturday,  so the less that I have to change it out, the better for this week.

I wanted sparkly and a cupcake.  Because who doesn't love cupcakes?

I typically try to disassociate my day with Christmas,  but with all the festivities this week, that wasn't an option.  Plus I can remind people that its my birthday week until I change it. Ha!

So,  nothing totally special,  but it's a nice look.

On another note,  my broken nail is growing quite nicely.  Hopefully by the end of the month I should have it back to a decent length.  Does anyone else have horrible issues in the winter with their nails just wanting to snap off and chip?  I mean, I have that issue all the time with  my pointer fingers, (you'll notice that they are always shorter than my other nails) but I'm sure that the dry winter weather isn't helpingmy nails. Tips are appreciated to get me through! !!

So cheers... and remember that December babies need a little extra love.

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