Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Spew

What a lazy day it is today!  We are in the process of of getting our first decent snowstorm and so I ran out before it got icky. I was supposed to meet my dad for dinner to celebrate an early birthday for me, but this dang snow has shut down bridges and roadways.  I don't want my daddy out there in this!!!

I've got what I am affectionately calling a Sunday Spew today. When I wasnt feeling too much like I wanted to blog, I still took pictures of what I was doing to share.

First up are some fall looks that I did for November.  Have you checked out the blog, Chalkboard Nails? She came up with this distressed look that I wanted to try, but I wanted it to be more fallish. You do this look by scraping off almost all of the polish off of the brush, and then dry brush it onto the base color. I added a gold flakie, because every girl needs a little glitter in her life.

Next is what I did for Thanksgiving. I believe this is based off of a tutorial from Polish and Pearls. I just saw this on Pinterest and I needed something quick and easy to do.  Since im not a huge fan of a lot of white, I went to my good ole standby, My Vampire is Buff. Then just freehanded the feathers and turkey lurkey. I kind of like his wonky eye. Lol

Now I've got the polishes from a subscription box, the I.N.N. Box by Inzuri. This is an interesting subscription,  because there are 3 collections monthly and you select which one you want. You also receive a beauty product. It's $19.95 per month,  which ends up being around $25 with tax and shipping.

I received two China Glaze polishes, and one Orly.

First, the Orly. This is Masked Ceremony which is a dark charcoal with silver shimmer, magenta glitter and silver square glitter.  I liked this in the bottle, and I love the square glitter.  I hate how it looked on me. Definitely not a favorite. The formula was fine, I had no issues.  Maybe at a different time of year I would give this another shot.

Next, China Glaze Bizzare Blurple. I was really excited about this one, since I love purple polish. It was a great color. Great formula.  I used two coats for these pictures.

Finally is China Glaze Blue Bells Ring.  This was probably the one I was looking the least forward to because I use blues for accents,  not typically a solid nail color. When I saw the bottle,  it was really frosty looking, and I psh-shawed it immediately.  I'm kind of a spaz and I swatch out all of my polishes on a swatch wheel, by brand, number the wheel and then number the bottle. I apologize to China Glaze for dismissing this color. It's stunning. I was shocked when I swatched it. This could easily be a one-coater too. I used two though just to be safe.

And then the last for this post is a little gem I found at Walgreens the other day. I went in for some cough drops and I just had to swing past the polish. After digging around the tacky perfume value sets, I saw the perfumery display from Revlon. Not a fan of scented polish. Ive had a few in the past, but nothing special.  So just looking through this half-heartedly,  I almost screamed.  This is so close to Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid Dream, and I only paid $4.99 for it. The DL version retails for $19. And then it smells like mint? Extra bonus.  These are two coats of this little beauty.

Whew! That was a lot of posting, so I hope something looked appealing in there for ya! Stay warm my friends.  I will have a winter look to share and also a birthday manicure for you all to check out. Until then, have a wonderful day


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