Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 8, Favorite

Hello! I very rarely post on a Tuesday,  so this is weird, ha!

I picked up the April challenge this month,  I figured why not? It had more interesting prompts than March, so I'm doing it!!!

Today's prompt is Favorite. I at first was just going to swatch my favorite polish. Well how on earth do you pick a favorite? ?? I have too many!!

So instead,  I started to think about my favorite things.  Coconut. Tickles. Herbal tea. Raw honey. (Yeah, that would be cute- a raw honey mani) I moved on to things that would translate well in polish.  Flowers. Yes.

My favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily. They were my wedding flower, I grow them, I love them. I free handed some splotchy green patches on my nails and then went in with a million different colors of polish and painted the lily. (Side note, I use all polish for my painting... no acrylic paint here).

I love, love, love this. Might be one of my new favorites. So that's two favorites in one post. Lovely.

Enjoy the day!!

P.S,  here are some of my favorite polishes:
-Essie No More Film
-Zoya Darcy
-Essie The More the Merrier
-Essie In the Cab - ana
-OPI Do you Lilac It?
-OPI Pamplona Purple
-OPI My Vampire is Buff
-OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

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