Friday, April 25, 2014

Swap Swatch

Rain, rain go away. Why do we expect 80 degrees and sunny every day? I know I don't live in San Diego,  but a girl wants to have nice days.

So. I'm in a polish swap group, and we put together a wish list and go at it. I've been blessed to be in this group for a few months now, and I want to share two different wish list items that I've received,  and they are AMAZING!

First off, let me tell you, I am new to the indie world. I've been gawking at indies for probably 2 years at least,  but I never purchased because I'm not a good online shopper.  I like to touch, see, feel things. Online, you take a risk and hope that you like it.  It seriously makes me sweat buying online.

Which is why I love this group.  I can place those indies that I am so nervous about purchasing on my wishlist,  and then sometimes I get them! Now, I have kind of created an indie monster.  I want them all.

One of my OPI lemmings was Roadhouse Blues.  It's a dark blurple cream. I love it that this doesn't have shimmer in it like most blurples do. Pure creamy goodness.

Then, I have one of the prettiest glitters to slop on top.  This is Crowes Toes Drahon in Drag. Holy amazing sparkle and flash. This is a teal, green, blue and purple glitter topper that just speaks for itself.  Check out this stunner:

Of course I used my OPI Glitter Off,  so this should come off really easily.  I would have chewed this off in the past. Thanks, OPI!

Well, I just can't help but stare at this, and shine it at different angles.  So pretty.  Tell me, is there an indie that I need to try? Something that isn't like over $40 like an Enchanted Polish,  but something cool. Lemme know in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

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