Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OPI Glitter Off Review

Hey guys! I'm sure someone guessed that I purchased a bottle of OPI's Glitter Off. There has always been that Pinterest tip out there to use Elmer's glue as a base coat, because it peels off when done. I was always skeptical,  I mean, glue? That's weird.  I saw that this came out and I knew I wanted to try it. Plus, my nail polish buddy for the month had it on her wishlist,  so that gave me an even better excuse,  lol.

I believe I've mentioned it before,  but hi, my name is April,  and I'm a an polish peeler. I know how bad it is for your nails, because I would see little white bumps after I peel. So bad. That's why I was so excited for this product.  Here we go!!!

The bottle is the same size as a regular OPI. The brush is shorter and not as thick. It's not even comparable to their base or top coat brushes, as those are bigger too.

Open the bottle, and I smelled it. Yup, it smells like glue. You put on a thin coat of this on your bare nails, and let it dry until it's clear.

Then you tackle the glitter polish.  I used a Different Dimension polish that is super glitter dense, and also a glow in the dark. It has so much glitter in it, I've been nervous to try it out, because who likes to take off glitter polish?  Ugh, not me. This is two coats of Merry Go Round over the Glitter Off.

I wore this for several days. I believe I did this on a Thursday evening,  and then took it off Sunday night. It stayed on the entire weekend without chipping. Here's what the removal process was like:

So you are supposed to take an orange stick and push and nudge the edge of the polish. I chose to use another nail because my cuticle pusher is metal.  It lifted off right away! It's a polish peelers dream!

Here's my nails after I peeled it all completely off.

So... verdict.  I never used the glue method,  so I'm not sure if that works. This product reminds me of white glue, but I'm sure there is probably something else in there that makes it work so well. I'm totally hooked, and I've been wearing glitter polish all the time now. I've heard of some people say that the base lifted before they forced it to come off. I didn't have that problem.  One weird thing that I did notice was that the first coat of polish crackles a little. I'm wearing another glitter this week that I did late Sunday night,  and it's still going strong. Bottom line: it has my stamp of approval.

I purchased this bottle at Beauty Brands. I couldn't find it at my Ulta. (Although they've really been sucking lately. They still don't have the Zoya Cosmos pixies. WTF)

Let me know if you've tried this and had the same success. I'd also like to hear any fails too.


  1. With me, it only lasted about 12 hours before it started to peel off of my nail. I used OPI Big Red Apple as a base and a glitter Orly as a top coat. The big read apple stained my nail unimaginably, which makes me think that with that base, your nails can still breathe

    1. Interesting! I think that it is reacting differently with different types of nails. The polish I wore for the past couple of days was a crelly with a lot of glitter, and it wasn't as easy to come off. But, this time I had put Nail Envy down before the glitter off... I wonder if that was the issue for this past mani. Very interesting.