Monday, April 14, 2014

Super SPAM of the past week

Hey guys and happy Monday to you all.  Did anyone have fun weekend plans?  Some friends went with us to a beer festival in Peoria on Saturday and it was a blast. I'm typically an IPA girl,  but shockingly I really gravitated towards the alcoholic ginger beers. They were delicious! Plus it was almost 80 degrees and sunny,  so they were super refreshing. Now today it is dreary,  rainy and cold. Darn Midwestern weather.

I'm going to hock my Instagram page again today,  because I tend to update that more often because it's so much easier. I've taken on the Californails April challenge, do I have the past 2 prompts to share today.

First is from day 8, chevron. Have I mentioned how much I want some of those dang nail vinyls?  I get so frustrated using tape. Here I've got OPI's Chic From Ears to Tail,  which is a pretty pink shimmery crelly. The glitter is Cult Nails Center of Attention. COA is one I acquired through a swap and I love it.  It's so sparkly and it has a golden / Iridescent shimmer in it too.  Now for my chevron. Ugh. I used Essie Chinchilly, but that frigging tape kept messing up  so I free handed this.  So frustrating.

But I did really like how this turned out. It felt springy and glitzy at the same time.  I love chevron,  but I need some help.

Second prompt is for today,  Peeps!  Ok,  seriously,  peeps?  Kind of weird,  but whatevs. I had another swapped polish from Polish Addict,  called Candy Pop. To me it looked like fluffy candy,  so I wanted to use that for sure.

For the peep and the logo,  I used my sticker method. I free hand paint with polish on a sandwich baggie,  top it with a top coat and let it dry. Peel it off the plastic,  and it's a sticker that you just place on and top coat to seal. 
I kind of like the little bugger. Although I hate Peeps with a passion  (marshmallows make me gag when not in s'more form) I think this was a sweet Easter look. 

I've actually got a review of a product for you all next post. Hint : my 3 nails covered in glitter.  =)

Have a great day!

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