Monday, January 20, 2014

Cult Cosmetics Classic Collection

Ok, so I had the coolest mani to show you all this morning, and guess what? Instead of emailing to myself from my phone, I frigging deleted them!!! Ugh!!! They were super cute purple ones with hand painted details.  I hope you all are as mad as I am right now,  because I think I might have steam shooting out my ears.

Remember when I said I have the worst luck ever with sub boxes? Well, when Cult Cosmetics changed their box from brand names to their own line in October,  I told them to take a hike. I got an email not too long ago saying that my order had shipped... *blank stare*. After several emails to their customer service line and attaching confirmation of cancelation emails,  I was credited the charge and bonus! I got to keep the polish they sent me.

I got the Classic collection,  which is 3 colors and a set of Mash dotting tools. Love the tools, I previously only had one tool I picked up from Sephora, and I used a sewing pin with a yellow plasic ball at the tip for my big dots. These will definitely come in handy.

The polish... Cult claims that these are "one and done" polishes,  meaning they only need one coat for full coverage.  I didn't find that as being the case. And of course,  as my luck would have it,  one of the polishes I got is a red.  Ugh. (Although it's free... I can't really complain).

This is El Matador,  a bright red creme. I found this to be slightly more warm toned than expected,  and although I probably could have gotten away with one coat,  I wouldn't have due to some patchiness.

Lighting : shade

Lighting : full sunlight

Next is Boneyards, a charcoal grey creme. Better on the opaqueness of the formula,  but again I used 2 coats for the same reason as above.

Lighting : full sunlight

And finally is Stay Gold, a golden glitter topper. Totally not my cuppa tea. I placed one coat of Stay Gold over El Matador.

Lighting : shade

Lighting : full sunlight

These weren't terrible,  and if I would have gotten some different colors,  I might have a different tune... but we all know how I feel about red, and dark greys are ok, just tend to make my skin tone feel a little washed out.  My other concern is that the brush is huge. Like HUGE. These make OPI look like Essie. With OPI, I feel as though the large brush isn't as full to make application on tiny nails difficult. For me, I have extremely small nail beds. (My pinky nail is only about an 1/8 of an inch- my thumb: 1/4.) I don't have a ton of trouble with OPI, but I think that's why I use so many Essie polishes, because their brush is smaller. These Cult brushes were not only big, but thick. I had a lot of clean up to do due to this. If you have larger nails, great. I think these would work extremely well for you. For me, it was somewhat of a nightmare.

I know some friends that love this line, but I'm still on the fence. What are your thoughts?  Cult Cosmetics polish can be purchased here.


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