Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sprout Non Toxic Nail Polish

Hey everyone!  I finally got some sleep, but don't you always want more? And why is it on Saturday I wake up at 7 am, but Monday through Friday I am dragging my half dead body out of bed?

I have an interesting post today.  I subscribe to the INN Box from inzuri,  and this last month was utter disappointment!  I was looking forward to the pretty and spunky polishes that I picked out (with inzuri,  you pick your own collection from three options so there isn't a surprise) and to my dismay,  I received a different collection!  I got a very lame and washed out pink color by Orly, a weird Burgundy China Glaze,  and a grey Essie.  The only one I would maybe wear would be that Essie, but definitely not one that I would have purchased or selected.  Ugh. They are supposedly sending me the collection I ordered,  but we'll see.  I have the worst luck with sub boxes!!!

Anyways, within my inzuri box was a special indie collection!  I was instantly excited.  But when I opened up the first jar, it was a clumpy mess. Do you remember floam? That's what it was like. I tried thinner, I tried warming it up, nothing unclumped it. I reached out to the company on Facebook,  and that was where I found out that these were non toxic nail polishes! The reason they froze, was because they are water based instead of lacquer based. Sprout happily replaced my polishes in lieu of this review.*

First glance, these colors are not my style.  However,  these particular colors are meant for children.  When I showed my 4 year old niece the purple one, she wanted it on immediately.  I was a little concerned on clean up of these, as you must use non acetone remover to take these off. I tried to be as careful as possible in application, so please excuse the messy edges.

First up is Princess Pink, a bubblegum / cotton candy colored shimmer. This screams fairy princess and cupcakes. This was two coats.

Lighting:  Shade

Lighting: full sunlight

Next is Purple Reign,  a little darker shade than Princess.  It again was very girly and MJ sure loved it. Two coats.

Lighting: shade

Lighting: full sunlight

Last is Duchess Pink. I really wouldn't call this pink, I was more of a coral shade. I liked this one the best out of the three. Colors like this make my pale skin look tan, so that's a win for me! Two coats.

Lighting: shade

Lighting: full sunlight

A base / top coat was also provided,  which I used for all three polishes. They mentioned to me that they have an adult line, with more grown up colors. Also, they are improving their formula so that whwn the products are shipped to the ice tundra that Iowa is right now, they don't get damaged. My favorite thing about these polishes is that there was no smell. Let me repeat that. THERE WAS NO SMELL. This line would be perfect for people with sensitivity to chemicals, or are preggers. I'm a very earthy-crunchy girl (even though I know nail polish isn't the most enviro friendly), and I appreciate that a business has created a great product that is not harmful. I would definitely reach out to them for that next baby shower gift. Sprout polishes can be purchased from Etsy here.


*These polishes were provided to me for review by the company or their PR for my honest opinion

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