Sunday, January 12, 2014

Texture the Week Away

So I totally hate the first week of the month.  I am very active in several committees and boards,  and they all meet the first week. I'm exhausted.  I did this mani earlier in the week, but then didn't have time to blog about it.  I changed my polish because I have the worst habit of if my polish chips, then I tend to bite or peel the rest of it off.  Especially if it's a glitter,  I totally bite it rather than remove it.  I'm terrible.  *PSA... Kids, do not try this at home!*

Anyways,  I stopped by Walgreens to pick the DH up some cold meds, and I had to wander by the beauty section.  Have you seen L'Oreal Gold Coast collection??? I think I fangirl squealed a little when I saw these. They are textured polishes,  and also have some chunky glitter in them. I spent almost 30 minutes trying to decide on which ones to purchase.  I'm not a huge fan of texture polishes,  so I hem-hawed over these forever.  One of my favorite texture polishes is OPI'S Alcatraz... Rocks! And it's a dark purple with major shimmer in it. Its beautiful,  and I thought, geez April.  These are kind of close to that beaut. Well dammit, I bought 3. This one is Sexy in Sequins.

This is only 2 coats, but I probably could have gotten away with one. I used a super ugly but pretty China Glaze green, Budding Romance for my accent nail and topped it with a gold stud.

Now I got super frustrated that my camera wouldn't pick up the duo chrome amazeballs shimmer this, so I took it inside.  You can see it in the bottle what it looked like on the nail. Stupid camera.  Why couldn't you photograph like that???

I snagged up two other colors, and Too Dimensional is one of the prettiest shades I have ever seen. It also is a one coater. Hidden Gems was ok. This is the one I argued with myself over forever and I ended up purchasing.  Its weak sauce on the first coat,  but full opacity on the second.

Here's another shot at a drugstore brand of a texture polish.  Will you try it out or pass it up?


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