Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 11 of March Nail Art Challenge

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. You know how my first week of the month is a nightmare?  It completely took over my life this time and I had no time to even paint my nails let alone do nail art.

I participated in the day prior, the prompt was Candy. Candy? Well that was weird. At first I tried to do kind of a Whopper candy look but it was bizarre. So I said screw it, because it was already so late at night. I instead put on a few colors of sparkly textred polishes and called it gumdrops, lol. I know, I kind of cheated there. It wasn't worth posting here, but it is on my Instagram.

This prompt was Neon. I honestly don't have a lot of neon colors. That's something I need to acquire.  I used three really bright polishes and did a gradient,  and then topped with a black splatter. I added hot pink on my ring finger.

Lemme tell you the blue was a you-know-what to clean up. It completely stained my cuticles. I taped off my fingers to avoid the black staining, but it still got everywhere.  If you've never done splatter before,  it gets pretty messy.  =)

I did like wearing this though. It actually was quite warm yesterday,  and so this was a bright punch that I totally needed. I'm sad I have to remove it right away because I have a conference to go to on Wednesday and I'm not sure that they would appreciate this, lol!

So that's it chickies! Do you like this bright mani?

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