Sunday, September 8, 2013

31 Day Challenge

So there's this 31 day challenge I stumbled upon.  It looked interesting and I love a good challenge.  I did the 3 days in a row, then somewhat failed on getting to day 4. I think this 31 day challenge may turn into a 63 or 77 day challenge.

This was day 1, red nails. First thing you all need to know about me is that I hate the color red unless it's an accent color. I just don't like it. So not only was I ticked off that I had to start this with red nails, but I had to make them somewhat likable and that was difficult for me.  Here's what I did:
This is Essie's xxxx with Essie in the Cab-Ana blue stripe, and Sally Hansen xxx copper glitter on Friday the tip. Oye. Looking at this is didn't even clean up the nail bed at all because I was so ticked off.

Day 2 was orange nails. This was interesting because I realized that I really don't own any orange polish! I have plenty of corals and pinks, but no oranges. So I did a base of the orangiest coral I had, Sinful Colors xxx and then did a waterfall effect on the tips with Zoya Pixie Dust in xxx. I really liked how this turned out! Almost looked like an ombre.  

Day 3, yellow nails (noticing the rainbow trend here? How creative! Lol).  I was excited for this because I had picked up not too long ago Zoya's Darcy, which is a super rich yellow creme. I then used Essie Blanc, Zoya Pixie Dust in Solange for the stripes, and L'Oreal Sparkalicious for my pinky. 
What worked out great here was that I just had to add some black accents and voila!  Hawkeye nails!!! Needless to say,  this was a favorite of mine so I far. I never had a lot of yellow polishes until recently,  and Darcy is quite amazing.  

So, since I was occupied at the home Iowa game this weekend,  I didn't get a chance to do day 4, green nails until today. Let me tell you a little story about this gem. 

I had been stalking the idea of the Ciate foil kits for awhile. But like all of the Ciate kits, the price always was an issue for me. $20 for a bottle of polish and some foils? No, thank you! So I was wandering around TJ Maxx, and found two lonely Ciate kits for $9 each!!! AND, they had all of the foils, the glue, everything.  I couldn't belive it. Fast forward 3 more weeks and I was looking for something fun to do for green day. (I see what you did there and I liked it!) This is what was born:

Full sun


I used Essie The More the Merrier for the base, with the green foil from the pink Ciate foil kit on top. I cannot believe how stunning this is, and can't wait to try other colors. This will be great too for when it is Metallic Polish day.

So tomorrow is blue, and I need to brainstorm on what to do. Hope you've liked days 1-4...!!!

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