Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 10, Gradient

I'm totally spoiled by the weather lately.  I like it hot. I'm always cold, so it's so much easier to be warm than to be cold. The weather decided that its finally time for fall, and all I want to do is sleep. And eat. And bake. Hmph.

Good thing I have this to keep me busy. Today's theme is gradient nails. I like doing fades. I think it looks cool, and I like it when people ask how you did it because it's easy nail art that looks complicated.

My coworker and I have this thing... we love Mean Girls. We quote it all the time. Almost every situation you can bring it back to a Mean Girls quote. So on Wednesdays we wear pink. And therefore I did a pink fade.

I used OPI Pink Friday and a dark pink Sinful Nails color, Folly. I then added a light blue diagonal stripe and topped with a black stripe. It was a fun mani to wear. I liked the contrasting blue with the VERY pink polish. And it pulled together the whole pink theme for the day.

Today is also the last of the easier looks for me. Next days are all about different shapes, so this is where it will start to get interesting.

Have you tried a gradient mani before? What were your favorite colors to use?