Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 20, Flowers for the February Challenge

Guess what?  It was so warm the past two days!  Like, when it broke 40 degrees,  I thought that I would break out the shorts, open the windows and get a tan. Ok, not really,  but it was close.

So just in time for the warmer weather,  today's prompt is flowers!  I picked up this beauty from Sally's the other day, when Orly was on sale.  Its a beautiful pale blue milky base with light blue micro glitter,  copper glitter and holographic glitter.  I knew I wanted to use this as the base, so I then put coral roses on top.

So this is Milky Way by Orly, and Live. Love. Carnival from OPI. Please forgive me for all the pictures,  but I was having too much fun and couldn't decide which ones to keep or toss. I was  ad though that I could barely capture the holo glitter.

Milky Way was a little difficult to use. The formula was really thick and gloopy. I had to add quite a bit of thinner to it before I could use it well. 

I'd love to hear you thoughts... I definitely feel so girly in this mani, ha!

Have a wonderful day,  and hopefully it's warm where you are!

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