Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 9, Hearts

Hello everyone!

I got the best compliment yesterday on my Olympic nails- Nail Art Magazine "hearted" my pics on Instagram! !!!! I about died. So, because I was really enjoying being in the Olympic mood, I wanted to keep those on for a bit longer and therefore I am behind in the #nailartfeb challenge.  No worries though!

The prompt for the 9th is hearts. Meh... I'm not a very mushy girl, so I'm not an "isn't this cute how much I love everything and everyone" displayer of affection. Hearts just aren't my thing. But, I wanted to give it the good ole try.

So, no one laugh. I tried to do the negative space look. Fail. Utter fail. I think I had too much polish on to try to remove it was a nightmare, and my heart was sloppy.  But by that time of night inwas over it. I'll reluctantly try it again.

Colors used here are my new Orly Pink Waterfall (which is so close to a radiant orchid shade that I got on clearance at Ulta!!!), Ciate Pepperminty, and Essie Licorice. I wanted a candy hearts look without doing candy hearts.  Does that make sense? Lol.

Thoughts? Not my favorite.  I was mad that I had to do these last night, because the Olympics were on, and we just recently dumped our cable and satellite television service. We're strictly streaming or using bunny ears to watch TV. our TV upstairs and in the kitchen are so old that we need to buy converter boxes or new TVs. So I was Olympic-less upstairs at my polish station. Boo.

And one last pic, my hubs completed my nail polish racks, so now I have room to grow! I'm only at about 240ish bottles,  which doesn't look like so many when on the wall! Need. More.  Polish. Ha.

Have a great day!

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