Friday, February 28, 2014

Finally, Day 28 of the February Challenge

Somewhere,  in a land, far far away... lived a young lady that yearned for sunlight and warmth that wasn't generated from her heating system or enormous cat. This lady had an affinity for color, weird music and waffle fries. She took on a nail art monthly challenge,  and succeeded.  Mostly.  This is Gawkish Polish.

Ok, enough of that, ha! I made it to the last prompt. And almost mostly on time too! Stupid Wisconsin trip that wasn't even fun anyways, throwing off my groove.  (Did anyone elese just picture the Emperors New Groove in their heads? No, just me? Ok, moving on)

This is only my second attempt at a galaxy manicure.  I loved my first one, although I did teo different looks for that one. On my left hand, I had placed star specks and little starbursts. On my right, I just left it without. And loved it way more. So I didn't want to mess with that junk this time, and wanted to keep it simple and stunning.

I useda super dark navy blue base and then I sponged on several colors to make the stary look. I used a purple, a shimmery teal, a light powder blue and bright yellow. Remember that polish that I used for the fake it Galaxy Nails?  I put a super light layer of that on top.

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.  I would like to experiment with different colors schemes though for my next attempt.  Like green, purple and yellow. Or something,  I dunno.

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope your weekend is fantastic

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