Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 25, Simple

Hey there... again, this is late, but it is what it is at this point!

I feel like this cue was actually pretty intimidating for me, as I don't typically have simple or plain nails. That's for boring folks. Uncreative peoples. I like color. And sparkles.  And weird crap on my nails.

But there was a time... when I was still a nail biter. I was like, April, you are a professional woman, you need professional nails. I got acrylics put on. I loved those silly pearl white tips. Then I was like, they are trimming my real nail from under this. Can I just grow it out? So I had them removed. And I got gel manicures.  Again, I loved a french tip. Because that's what professional women get. Then I got tired of that junk, and after watching them do my nails so often I got the techniques down. Hey, I'm artsy-fartsy... I can do that! It was all over by then.

So that was a long story for these simple french tips. I used OPI Alpine Snow,  and then used my clean up brush to make the edge crisp. Over top I did 2 coats of OPI Don't Burst My Bubble to give it a softer look.

This is pretty much freaking me out. I want to add glitter. Or dots. Or a lady halfway immersed in popcorn.

I'm sure this will last a whole entire day before I get so twitchy that I either pick it off or slop some glittah on it.   =)

Sometimes simple is nice. Or it drives you crazy. Meh!   Also, I'm trying out the new lightbox that the hubs made for me... I'm trying to figure out the lighting,  and so let me know your thoughts. I think I prefer my outdoor shots only because my hands are so not this red!

Happy Wednesday!

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