Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another Nail Polish Challenge? ??

I might be crazy. But I am so tired of being cooped up indoors I think I AM crazy.  I post all of my pictures on Instagram as well as on here, and one of the users I follow, Californails, posted this February challenge.

I like these new "I have a life" challenges that I've been seeing all over IG. I kind of miss the 31 Day Nail Polish Challenge,  mainly because sometimes it is so nice to have a promt for the day, and not have to come up with something from scratch!  (I totally need this I have a life list!!) However,  it is really great to not have to freak out about doing a different look every day, like the 31 Day is.

So, since today is the 1st of February,  the prompt is Glitter. I wanted to start throwing out some Valentine style looks early so some of you get some easy ideas.

I needed a red glitter polish for something,  I can't recall what it was, but I picked up Ruby Pumps from China Glaze because it was so pretty in the bottle.  I never used it.

So, since that polish is a jelly with red micro glitter, I used that overtop Seche Vite Signature to get a rich red color and the glitter that I'm supposed to do for today! The actual glitter on my ring finger is from the Minnie Mouse collection that OPI did awhile back, Minnie Style. Finish it all with a dainty white heart, and done!

Such an easy look, but it sure screamed Valentine's Day!

Off to glare at the 4+ inchees of snow we got overnight.  I'm after you, Snowmeiser. We used to be friends,  but now I want to pretty much punch you in the face. Thanks for ruining my weekend,  jerk!    :)

Have a great Saturday

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