Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 23, I'm late!!

I'm failing this "I have a life " challenge... we went to Wisconsin this weekend for a beer festival and well, we had a terrible time! I don't follow basketball at all. I'm a football girl only,  and so apparently,  Wisconsin was playing us on Saturday in Iowa, and I decided to wear my Iowa stocking cap to the festival since it was outside and I was cold. Big mistake.  People were totally snubbing us, and saying really mean things as we walked by, etc. I knew that Wisconsin fans are pretty hard core, but I was so disappointed and I felt cheated out of a fun weekend. Oh well,  I digress.

So, I'm going to be late, and I did this fun number to make up for Day 23, Animal Print. Let me tell you,  I'm not a fan of animal print... and don't kill me, but I just think of it as an older woman's pattern.  Its just not my thing. Well, I was running out of daylight and needed to pick something, so I whipped this up.

The nude is my new standby,  Zoya Taylor;  and the coral is another new favorite,  OPI Live. Love. Carnival.  Sponged on for gradient, and then the leopard spots along the side.

I'm really shocked, I kind of like this. And if anyone knows where I probably saw something similar and recreated,  let me know so I can give them proper credit.  I searched and couldn't find anything,  so I'm not sure!

Thanks for checking this out... "simple" is the cue for the 25th, which I will also be late for.   ;)


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