Friday, February 14, 2014

Days 11 and 14 of the February Challenge

Sorry for the delay in posts, guys. I was loving my Olympic nails way too much to follow the Californails February challenge exactly.  Maybe I should have used pastel colors for the Olympic look?  ;)

So, because I suck and I want to get back on track, you get two posts today!

First is day 11, pastels. I think maybe the reasoning behind this was like a box of candy hearts,  because I don't really associate pastels with February. Regardless, here's the look I went with.

Hey, can I get some props here because this is my right or Cinderella hand? Lol, I pretty much liked it better than my left. Look at how good my middle finger came back from that massive break in December! 

I used several pastel toned colors, and then stamped on top with Pueen plate #27. I topped it all off with a matte finish topcoat. In hindsight,  I should have used a different plate. The hearts that were solid look like a big smeary smush. I call these Laced up Easter Eggs. Lol

Ok, mani number 2. This one is for day 14, Match OOTD. So it's no secret,  I plan ahead, do my nails at night and then take pics in the morning.  Tonight I had to pick out what I'm wearing for tomorrow and hope that I still feel like it in the morning! I purchased this sweater last season at Old Navy, and I love it. I love mint, and love polka dots. Sweater full of win.

The mint here is from Essie's new Spring collection,  Fashion Playground. The grey is OPI'S Suzy Takes the Wheel.  I did the grey with mint dots on 3 of my nails, and the inside cuff look with the opposite colors. I like it, you can't go wrong with this color combination.  Simple, but that's ok because I'm tired of wearing Valentine's Day looks!! (Bonus, I looked up on Essie's website for more info on Fashion Playground and couldn't find anything... it's that new! Boom! We never get sneak peeks in Iowa!)

That's all chickies! Have a great weekend

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