Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nautical Nails Featuring Jamberry Decals

Hey everyone!  Do you all have as much cabin fever as I do right now?  I'm about 2 days from going completely nutballs. I swear if I can't get outside and jog on the bike path soon I just might give up and have cake for breakfast,
lunch and dinner.

I've got a fun and unique look to share with you all today.  I was recently approached by a client that I plan events with, who is a Jamberry consultant. I've never been able to wear nail decals, because I have the hands of an 8 year old. Even the pinky decals wouldn't fit my thumb. Jill urged me to try these and I'm pretty impressed!  The two designs that she sent were small enough to fit my ring finger.  There is a slight visible edge on the nail, but nothing major. Application was easy, the instructions were simple. Prep the nail, and warm up the strip and place on the nail. Press it down, and then trim the edge. File the edge in a downward motion and then heat it back up using your hairdryer. Trim the little edges underneath and boom----polish.

This looks all pixilated up close, but from a far, it just looks like I was super awesome using striping tape! 

The strips were long enough that I was able to cut into 2 pieces,  so these would last a pretty long time and get more for your money. Actually,  with what I trimmed off, I could have gotten 3 uses per strip and used the trimmings as accents.

I loved this blue stripe piece, so I paired it with a nautical theme manicure.  I so love anything nautical,  so this hopefully gets me out of my winter funk. Do you like that yellow? It's from the new OPI Brazil collection.  Its I Just Can't Cope-acabana. I'm always on the hunt for golen yellow polishes for my Hawkeye manis in the fall.

Thoughts? I like the idea of using these strips as accent nails, because I just can't handle the same print look on every nail. If you want to take a look at Jamberry,  Jill has a special on her site for buy 3, get 1 free. You can check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

*These polish strips were provided to me for my honest opinion and review. I am in no way affiliated with Jamberry or their products. 

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