Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympic Nails!!

So it's snowing again. And I figured I might as well spend my time locked in the house on a new mani. Did anyone watch the opening ceremonies last night?  I honestly was so disappointed!  I was pretty bored actually. The floor however,  with the projection system was amazing.

Here's a quick mani I did, by first painting my nails white, and then sponged on a super light blue on the tips. I added hand painted elements such as a gold medal,  the sochi mountains,  an Olympic flame logo I found somewhere and an American flag, for obvious reasons,  lol.

I'm super impressed with how these turned out.  Especially the mountains. If you're curious what's on my right hand,  I just did color blocks of the 5 Olympic colors.

On another note,  I'm also totally obsessed with the hotel stories of Sochi. Since I work in the hospitality industry,  I hear these and think well, at least we have doors that lock / unlock and floors.

Thanks for looking!! Let me know what you think!

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