Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baddy Scaddy Nails

So I know that you've seen a ton of these manis,  but I couldn't help myself.  There is something so spooky but awesome about it that I just had to do it too.

Blood.  Bloody Nails.

It's the splatter technique,  where you dip a straw into polish,  and then short blast it onto the nail.  My base coat is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls,  and the blood is Essie's A List.

Totally spooky,  right? I was going to redo the ring finger but I like the huge splotch. Here's the right hand too.

My sisters and I had a weird childhood where we didn't watch those normal kids movies,  we watched scary movies.  And loved them.  It freaks my hubs out that I haven't  seen some Disney flicks,  but we liked to be scared. We also took trips to the old cemetery in town when we were bored to look at the tombstones. Again, weird.

So,  as I am typing this,  I'm watching this horribly scary movie,  Mama.  I'm seriously spooked.  This is one of the freakiest new scary movies I've seen.  Kind of crappin myself right now. Also, why does every actor in scary movies never turn on the lights? Idiots.

So,  what's the scariest movie you've seen lately?


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