Saturday, October 12, 2013

September Cult Cosmetics Blackbox Review

Hi there! Hope you are having a great weekend.  I unfortunately somehow got the flu. I don't remember ever having the flu, so this is a totally new experience for me.  I never get sick. I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for pain, and this feeling like someone has put clear packing tape on my back and then slowly ripping it off really sucks. Anyways, I finally received my September Blackbox!  Let's see what's inside.

So I have to admit, I was getting super antsy pants waiting for this, since it took 10 days to get to me. TEN. I looked up online for teasers, so I had an idea of what to expect.  Imagine my disappointment when I opened this up!

Here is the idea card that was included to use the polishes and the tools to create their suggestions for the month. This is also reflective of the hints that they gave us all month too. The teasers I saw had the pink glitter (Orly) and an Essie color, being the pale pink.

So, tell me, where does the orange and the red come into play here? I'm a little confused.  Let's look at the polishes first.

First up is my favorite of the box, and one I was pleased with.  It's Color Club Beyond,  a gunmetal grey holographic.  The holo in this is amazeballs.  It could have been a one-coater, but I added on a second. There was no dragging with this, as some holos tend to do.


Isn't it pretty? This is in the shade. Stunner.

Up next is OPI Jinx. This was one of the first liquid sand colors that they put out, and a part of the 007 Bond collection.  When this came out, I wasn't totally sold on the whole textured polish thing.  So I never purchased it. Once I tried Pixie Dust by Zoya, I liked those and I bought a similar color. Look for a comparison at the end of the two.

Finally,  Color Club Brrr-red. Red freaking polish. I couldn't belive it.  Regardless of my dislike for red, it's a very nice polish. This is two coats, and is somewhat of a crelly consistency.

 I didn't take individual pictures of the tools this month. They were a rhinestone wheel from Mash with a tube of nail glue, which kept the theme and I liked. The other was a set of OPI nail appliqués in a sparkly and black design, called Metallic Waves.  It kind of looks like a mix between zebra print and a fingerprint.  Can you believe I've never tried nail stickers?  I can see myself doing one finger with these, but all 10 would probably freak me out. Ha! Plus I've been hesitant trying them because I have extremely small nail beds. These all look so big!

So... verdict time. I gotta say, I was so extremely disappointed with this box since i did love the August one. From the length of shipping time, to the false advertising and then I find out via Facebook that the subscription will only feature Cult Cosmetics brand polishes moving forward.  (They recently came out with their own line) I actually canceled my subscription on Friday.  I told customer service my concerns / issues I had with this month, and all I got back was a "we canceled your subscription" as a reply. I guess they weren't too interested in keeping me.

I've found a new polish box to try, the I.N.N. box by iNZURi, so I'm giving that one a shot. You pick your own collection,  and the beauty products they send along are the surprise.  Look for that review next month.

Lastly, here is the side by side comparison of Jinx with Zoya's Destiny. Ring finger is Jinx, pinky is Destiny. In the bottle, looks pretty close.

On the nail in the sun, they look identical, with Destiny being slightly more pink than Jinx

In the shade, you can barely tell a difference, maybe Jinx is slightly more sparkly gold.  Are they close enough you don't need both? Yes. I do have to say that Jinx dries faster than Destiny does.  And quick drying is always a bonus in my eyes.

So, do you have a beauty subscription?  What's the best one?

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