Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Double Duty... Days 28 and 29

Hey there. I didn't post yesterday because I was running so late. I never even got a chance to catch up all day.  Oh well. I also had jury duty on Monday,  and so I keep on thinking that today is Thursday.

I am posting two days worth of the challenge today, because I'm not super pleased how either one turned out.

Day 28 is inspired by a flag. Well I'm not very inspired by flags, so I looked forever at pictures of flags. I gave up.

I remembered the Big 10 flags that are all around Kinnick Stadium,  so I was like why be inspired by one flag, when I can be inspired by 6?

My beloved Hawkeyes are in the Legends division of the Big 10. I took the other 5 teams and made little pennants on the nail. The pinky has those 3 team's colors layered in glitter.

Meh... I think it looks childish and rookie. And kind of like party hats.

Moving on to Day 29, inspired by the supernatural.  April says what? What a weird prompt. I think that they must have ran out of their own inspiration making this list, because flag and supernatural is bizarre.

Anyways,  I wanted to do something other than a ghost. I typically only read paranormal stories, and so in searching through my Kindle library,  I saw the Percy Jackson series. (Don't judge... the books are actually quite good.) So my supernatural mani is Greek Gods.

Pointer is Aphrodite,  goddess of love and beauty.  Middle is Poseidon, god of the sea, ring is Athena, goddess of wisdom,  pinky is Zeus, king of the gods, and the thumb is Dionysus, god of wine.

I love my Athena nail. And I somewhat like the thumb. I wish that I had done the entire hand in all grey and then did the accents in colors. Again,  I thought this looked campy and amateur. I mean, Zeus looks like a hot dog with ketchup and mustard.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Honestly,  I think I'm getting burnt out on the prompts. Good thing there are only two days left!

So that's it. I almost didn't post them because they are so not my standard in art. But I want to have a full challenge,  dammit!   ;)

Enjoy the day!

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