Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 23 Is a Jump to the Left

Hello and happy Tuesday.  Do you know what I love? Musicals. Any type. I also love Tim Curry. We were obsessed with the movie Clue when we were kids and watched it over and over. I can still recite it.

Here's something to know about my childhood... we never really watched kids movies.  We loved scary movies and things that were weird.  In the Tim Curry library,  our next movie was It. Loved it.

And then I was introduced to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The rest is in April movie history.  I fell in love with the campy, silly, freaky movie that took over my early high school life. Have you ever been to a live action showing of RHPS? Best. Thing. Ever.

With Halloween just around the corner,  random channels are starting to play the movie. I'm not going to lie. I totally get up and dance the Time Warp and Rose Tints My World. I sing along. The hubs hates the movie,  which I think somewhere is grounds for divorce.  Lol.

Here are my RHPS nails. My heart melts because they are so awesome.

Here are close ups of each nail.

First, the lips from Science Fiction,  Double Feature.  Did you know that they were Magenta's lips? True story.

It's just a jump to the left!!! And then you step to the righhhhhhht! So funny story about the Time Warp. There's a scene where Magenta and Riff Raff rock their elbows and forearms together,  and its called elbow sex. For some reason my middle sister and I did that action when dancing and singing to the song. Weird and kind of wrong!

This one is supposed to be symbolic of Columbia with her bright orange hair and sparkly striped pants. Somewhat of a fail here as it didn't come across as in-your-face as I wanted it. 

Pinky finger is reflective of Frankenfurter in his surgeon scrubs and pearl necklace.  I gotta say, I really liked this and it was the least amount of work! Figures. 

Last but not least is my thumb which is supposed to be Janet at the floor show / Rose Tints My World. If you know what you're looking at here, I think its totally awesome. But if you don't,  its a little weird.  

So, what's the verdict?  I personally loved these and made sure I went shopping at places that I could force the clerks into checking out my nails, lol. I also sent a preview to my middle sister and she was in love. 

So, let me know your thoughts and if you enjoy campy ridiculousness that is Rocky Horror. 

A toast!

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