Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 26, Inspired by a Pattern

First of all, hilarious side note. When I was typing "pattern" above for the title, it wanted to auto correct to Pattinson.  I think I may have an obsession with a certain beautiful vampire actor.  Whoops!

Ok, back to the challenge.  Today is inspired by a pattern,  and I really had a hard time trying to find something that I could translate to nail art. I remembered this awesome application that I have on my phone and tablet, called Pattrn. You use the website Colourlovers and color in templates where then they get uploaded onto the app. You favorite them, and then you can set it up that your background on your phone changes every day between your favorite patterns.  It's pretty slick.

So I found this one:

I like the paisley look, and I really liked the color scheme.  So I took 4 different colors and started at it.

My base is OPI'S My Vampire is Buff (wait a minute... is that where the Pattinson thing came from earlier? ), and the accents are OPI's Vant to Bite My Neck, Essie In the Cab - ana and Essie Butler, Please.

I did all this free hand looking at the pattern.  I like it! And I think it translated nicely. I'm shocked that I really liked the nude color... that's not typically my style. But its a great neutral!  Its shiny, and a perfect creamy off-white. Highly recommend it.  My ring finger got a little bleedy when I put on the top coat, which I was totally bummed about. I'm also having some mega stressful days lately and its hard to keep my fingers out of my mouth.  =(   It's so hard even when you haven't bitten them in years,   but there's that small comfort in an old habit.

So, today was also Christmas at the homestead as I FINALLY got my September Blackbox AND I also got the new set of Pueen stamping plates that I ordered. Yay! Goodies of those two to show later.

So, lemme know your thoughts  on this paisley princess.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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