Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 25, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fashion!

I'm  not much of a fashion girl. I know what I like, and I try to put it together in a cute way, but I think because I'm not that super stick thin girl, I just can't get that look. (As I'm chomping on Starburst candy corn... don't judge me)

However,  I like to mix things up and put things together that normal people wouldn't necessarily do on a regular basis.  I am obsessed with colored pants. I love stripes and polka dots. Top it off with a bright color and that's the April style.

So, when seeing today's prompt was fashion, I looked up on Pinterest to see ideas I liked. I found this little picture:

Source: bubblegummelody

So, polka dots? Check. Bright color? Check. Nerdy glasses and top knot? Check! This is totally me. So this is my interpretation of that style:

I did a base of Essie Blanc, and then swiped on a stripe of Zoya Darcy. Once that was dry, I took a nail art brush and mixed a lighter yellow color to free hand on the lace design that is on her sweater. 

After that, I used my dotting tool and placed black polka dots on top of the white. 

So, I also decided to match my nails for work. This is how it turned out. I wish I had that beautiful sweater, but I did have a dot shirt and yellow cardigan! 

I had a luncheon that day, and my entire table asked me after the presentation about my nails. Gotta love nail groupies!  Ha! 

So what's your fashion style? 

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