Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 24, Inspired by a book

I. Love. To. Read. I always have. I remember that there was a contest at our elementary school called Read A Million Minutes.  I won it one year. I typically read a new book at least once a week. I used to be one of those purists when it came to books, but I tell you what. .. I love my Kindle to the moon and back. I have an ancient Kindle that still has a keyboard and it's own 3G network.  Last time I checked I had over 150 books on it.

I jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon right after Catching Fire was released.  I liked Hunger Games a lot. But the other two books... meh. They were ok. So I went looking for the next dystopian book that looked interesting.  That was when I found Divergent.

This book is amazing.  AH. MAZING. It centers around future Chicago (which as a Midwesterner I completely appreciate) where the inhabitants are sectioned into five factions.  Abnegation: the selfless. Erudite: the intelligent. Candor: the honest.  Amity: the peaceful. Dauntless: the brave. Our main character is Beatrice,  or Tris as she is later known.

In this world, you grow up within your parents' faction.  When you turn 16, you must choose between staying in that faction,  or selecting a new one. Beatrice has grown up in Abnegation,  and selects Dauntless as her new faction. The rest of the book centers around her transition to this new faction which is so unlike her old home, and also finds out that there is something a little different with her mind too. And then there's Four... ah, Four. He's the bee's knees. ;)

Ok, so can you tell I chose Divergent for my inspiration?  This worked out great.  5 fingers, 5 factions.

Here's the whole hand. I sponged on a blue background and then freehanded all of the individual symbols.

Close up of Erudite, the intelligent.  Symbol for them is an eye. Smarty pants.

Close up of Candor, the honest. Their symbol is the scales... they are like the lawyers of the Divergent world.

Close up of Abnegation,  the selfless. In the book, these are the do-gooders and once a year, Beatrice would get her hair cut. That was the one time that she was allowed to look in a mirror.  Crazy! Their symbol are two holding hands.

Close up of Amity, the peaceful. These are the farmers and the hippies. Probably where I would have ended up if I was in this little world. Their symbol is a red tree.

And finally,  close up of Dauntless,  the Brave. Symbol for them of course is fire.

They are of course making this into a movie (boo!) So I hope it turns out true to the book. Of course I think everyone says that. The only time I was pleasantly surprised was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Killer flick and totally how I pictured it. There are currently two of the three books out in this series,  and the third is due out in November.  Can't wait!

So thoughts? Have you read any good books lately that I need to add to my list?


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