Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 30, a Tutorial

One day left. I can't believe I have made it!!!

When I re-discovered nail polish,  I found several different ideas and blogs. One of my favorites was the Louboutin Nails.

If you have been living under a rock, and don't know what a Louboutin is, its a delightful fabulous shoe that the soles are red. Awesome story,  the first pair that were red bottomed were painted with nail polish!

The tutorial that I found had you first paint the underside of the nail with red. I used an Essie polish (A-List) because the brush is narrow,  and it dries quickly.  Then it said to paint the first coat in white so that the red pops and shows easily with the dark top. After that dries, paint on the black. I used two coats of Essie Licorice.

I wore this one day earlier,  and I would walk up to people and show them my black mani. I was like, isn't this pretty?  I would get the blank stare so then I would turn them over. Wait for the wow.

Its one of those fun surprises that you get to show people.

I totally plan on doing this again, but experiment with other colors.  And actually,  today I added a matte finish top coat, and I am really digging it. There's something about black polish that I think looks so classy. Which is weird, because its black!

So, thoughts? Are you as nervous as I am to attempt to remove this one? Ha!

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